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Lip Augmentation and Other Non-Surgical Treatments in Plymouth

Here at Shades, we offer you free consultations to find the best age-defying non-surgical treatments to improve your facial aesthetics. With lip augmentation, marionette line treatments, and much more available at our salon in Plymouth, Devon, there’s plenty to choose from.

Comprehensive Procedures

During your consultation with us, we’ll discuss with you exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll go over your medical history, to ensure there are no nasty reactions to the treatment, and discuss what would be best for your skin type.

Discreet Treatments

To keep everything personal, all our procedures are carried out in a private room, away from any prying eyes. Don’t worry, no one has to know.

CONTACT US, in Plymouth, Devon, to find out more about our lip augmentation and marionette lines treatment.